“Noelle Tannen weaves soul, jazz, and rock and roll to into amazing compositions of rich and beautiful strength.  Her vocals are powerful, driving each song further into diverse and compelling energies, and it’s not a surprise that she grew up singing in churches.”
– Deli Magazine
“Noelle Tannen is a spirited woman whose presence seems to encompass a harmony of forces that, in anyone else, might seem at war with one another. But war is something Tannen peacefully obliterates. She has a casual serenity that sets others at ease and an electric crackle that burns to the surface when she performs. A keen diligence to compose dense arrangements coupled with a wild abandon sets her careening off into spontaneity.

She might be hard to classify, but that’s the point. Tannen carries along a rich musicality steeped in vibrancy and an upbringing that engrained within her a boundless well to draw from. Her first album of original material, Survive, employs her talents as an arranger (she composes the strings, horns, and other melodies) and also as a talented vocalist. Tannen realizes the importance a song can harness towards stirring social awareness, and isn’t afraid to touch anything.”

– BTR Today